Attract the person you’ve always wanted with a perfected dating course.

Millionaire Date Doctor is for people who:

  • Are looking to form a committed relationship with someone they are compatible with.
  • Have dated, but haven’t been able to find that special someone.
  • Want a companion of a similar socioeconomic status.
  • Want the path to success broken down into a step-by-step program.

If you want a step-by-step program to start living the personal life you’ve always dreamed of, Millionaire Date Doctor is for you.

Do you feel you have a lot to offer, but you are having difficulty meeting the right partner?

Learn how to meet the right person for you.

Do you feel like dating is just not working for you? Do you get dates, but find that they usually end in disappointment? Is it hard to find someone who shares your qualities, your lifestyle, and your interests?

What if there was a way?

Hi, I’m Michael Banovac, The Millionaire Date Doctor. My start in dating was certainly checkered to say the least. Growing up I was always mature and serious for my age. I never understood why women weren’t attracted to me. I had a benevolent heart, was well educated, well traveled, had a wonderful family life, and an unbridled vision of personal success. Yet I wasn’t attaining the companionship I always felt in my heart to be right, I tried toto date and go out and use services like skipthegames Chattanooga to find companionship which was a lot of fun, but didn’t get me the perfect partner for me. Until one morning I woke up and said, “Today I am going to change that!  Today I am going to transform my personal life into what I always dreamt it to be!”

I knew from business that success comes from relationships.  I learned that these relationships are formed through a system that consistently ushers in powerful connections with successful people.  What I came to find is that online dating is no different!  Online dating is about magnetism. It’s about attracting the right people into your life, and learning how to convey to them your story.

Using the techniques that had brought me success in business–tweaking, testing and experimenting to develop a workable, repeatable system–I found a way to make relationships work. That exponentially grew to numerous family members, friends, and now clients. The results were so astounding that my family and friends encouraged me to teach my proven system to the public.

How did I do it?

No doubt you too have heard of others who tried to play matchmaker themselves, thinking that it would be a first-class ticket to great dates and companionship, only to be disappointed after months of anticipation. Perhaps this has been your experience as well.

Most people have no idea how to attract the right partner, socioeconomically, physically, and emotionally.

Unfortunately, many come to the conclusion that dating is a waste of time. Fortunately from the countless people I have talked to, I can see that the reason for a failure to succeed can actually be boiled down into one simple concept:

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

These wise words were spoken to me by my father the day I started my real estate investment company, and they’ve stuck with me since. Simply put, most people impulsively sign up for a myriad of online dating sites, spend 10 – 20 minutes going through the sign-up prompts, upload a few random pictures, and then kick back their feet thinking “All right, I’m ready!”.

Sadly, this approach simply doesn’t work…at all. Why? Because there is no plan. There is no consideration of how you can communicate your story effectively. And even for those who do spend more time planning their message, they often don’t know the best strategy and tactics to make their efforts worthwhile.

And what about after you get a date?

Getting a date with your potential dream companion is only part of the battle. What about attracting them on the first date? What about turning a one-time dinner into something that’s ongoing and brings a lifetime of joy?

So many people who do become good at dating fail to master this part.  I can say this honestly, because I was one of them!  As a perpetual bachelor, I was great at dating, but poor at meeting the right partner for me.  Knowing what has taken me ten years to distill, I have created–along with my business partners–a step-by-step course to help streamline your experience to relationship success!

The Millionaire Date Doctor 7-Week Methodology is Your Secret to Success

I was relentless about figuring out how to make relationships work. I meticulously tested and documented differences in pictures, profile content, diction, interests, and more. I tested how to present myself on dates. I saw first-hand what worked and what failed.  Perhaps most importantly, I figured out how to take that initial success, and segue it into long-term relationship success. Once I had achieved that, family, friends, clients, and countless others noticed my results, and began to ask me how I did it. Countless hours of analysis and hundreds of dates later I can honestly share with you what we have learned. For the first time my secrets and findings will be revealed to the public in our 7-Week Step-by-Step Course. After sharing my story, I hope you feel a connection with this content as so many others did before you. With their success in mind and yours on the horizon, I invite you to join the Millionaire Date Doctor family and change your life today!

What Are You Waiting For?

Millionaire Date Doctor: Online training to bring you success in your dating endeavors.

Millionaire Date Doctor is a 100% online program.  After you sign up, you will get instant access to our members-only section which is loaded with training videos, bonuses, and more!

Millionaire Date Doctor is for you if you…

  • Are looking to form a committed relationship with someone you are compatible with.
  • Have been dating, but haven’t been able to find what you were looking for.
  • Want a companion who is of a similar socioeconomic status.
  • Want the path to success broken down into a step-by-step system.

See What People Are Saying

“As a lifestyle visionary and accomplished dating expert, Michael Banovac (The Millionaire Date Doctor) changed the way I view relationships forever. His analytic approach, positive attitude, and astute business acumen transformed my life both internally and externally in just a few months. With his program I received in depth training from wardrobe, to etiquette, to even body language analysis. There is no better authority on relationships as far as I’m concerned! I highly recommend Millionaire Date Doctor for women who are looking to attract the very best.”

– Betsy A., Newport Beach, CA

“I have had the pleasure of getting to know Michael Banovac (The Millionaire Date Doctor) over the years and I can honestly say I can’t recommend him enough for his professionalism. His marketing ability and business insight is second to none. He is wise beyond his years and his skills go far beyond as far as interpersonal relationships are concerned. I highly recommend Millionaire Date Doctor for those looking to meet the most discerning of people as Michael possesses the most impeccable of tastes.”

-Matthew H., Seattle, WA

“As an overall lifestyle coach and dating expert there is no better teacher than Michael Banovac (The Millionaire Date Doctor)! He has an unsurpassed eye for creating and showcasing the best in people. From his eloquent writing style, to his expertise in creating attraction through photographs, he truly transformed me and my relationship success.  If you want to learn what it takes to attract the most discerning of companions, don’t walk… run and sign up for Millionaire Date Doctor today! It was the best decision I made in my personal life in the past five years.”

– Kenneth B., Phoenix, AZ

Some People Ask…

Is there anything inside this content that I couldn't find online for free?
Millionaire Date Doctor students are looking for a tested system that produces results.  Of course there is plenty of “information” about dating out there; but what we provide pervades “information” and gives you a step-by-step system that leads to your success.
How can I be assured that my investment in this course's content will provide me with ample return?
Millionaire Date Doctor prides itself as being an authority in the dating and relationships arena.  The content is proven, but ultimate success rests in implementation. We’ve noticed that our most successful students employ our system wholeheartedly and consistently.  Their success is seen not only dating and relationships, but permeates in their day-do-day lives as well.  As far as your investment is concerned, you have to ask yourself this: how much is the most important decision in your life worth to you?
How soon will I start seeing results?
Millionaire Date Doctor is all about taking action and getting results.  In other words, we encourage you to start acting on our teachings as soon as you can! Results will soon follow, and exponentially improve as you progress with our system.
How do I know Millionaire Date Doctor is for me?
If you are a discerning individual and understand the basis of quality, Millionaire Date Doctor is for you!  If you’re the kind of individual who is action-based and has the resources and grit to excel, this course is for you.
Is Millionaire Date Doctor an online dating service?
No, Millionaire Date Doctor is not an online dating service.  Rather, this website provides an information product and first-class consultation services.